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Fatiraj.C Says: I am a founder member but due to my migration from place to place in remote areas , i was unable to have internet so could not log in for a very long time. Now i am in a city so thankfully back on this tremendous site. Its wonderfull I am fixing my internet to make my home on this site for online earning.
The CEO'S are soprompt and good people.
God Bless them both
Fatiraj Chowrappa
Graham Says: Talk about Over Delivery, it's mind blowing just how much you get here for a tiny monthly fee
I became founder member ages ago, as I saw the potential of this site, but even I was shocked by the awesome amount given away by Nigel & Angelina
Thanks to you both
FLORENCE Says: I joined Paradox in their pre-launch and never upgraded or even checked out their site until recently. Curiosity brought me back, and this time I upgraded right away. It's just one of those programs that has so much to offer the online entrepreneur, and the admins will make you feel like you always belonged here. Nigel and Angelina totally understand the difficulties an online marketer can face and are eager to provide the tools necessary, at a very modest price. I am making ParadoxCash my home, and my permanent base of operations for all my online activities. Keep up the great work Nigel & Angelina, it is much appreciated by your loyal members.
Jolanthe Says: I am a founder member. Initially it looked like just any other online business. It not only proved me wrong but it is turning out to be one of the best online business today providing so much at such a little cost. The autoresponder and the marketing tools alone will cost twice the amount anywhere else.
Kenneth Says: Hello,
It just keeps getting better every day,
I still have a lot to learn,

Jenni Says: Hi! I have been in this awesome program for quite some time and I am a founder member.
This is the very best home business you could possibly have. Nigel and Angelina are the most honest & caring CEO's you could wish for. They are making it so easy for everybody to earn from the various programs they have created. If you want excellence, then Paradoxcash is it!!
Kenneth Says: Hello
Just wanted to say that I like what paradox cash is doing.I will keep supporting them for a long time to come.And i hope everyone else will to.
Aditya Says: I am a founder member. Initially it looked like just any other online business. It not only proved me wrong but it is turning out to be one of the best online business today providing so much at such a little cost. The autoresponder and the marketing tools alone will cost twice the amount anywhere else.
Digokgwe Says: ParaDoxCash rocks.The more I use it the more I see how beneficial it is!
Bodo Says: Paradoxcash will grow on you. The more time you spend here, the more you will like an use the tools that are provided. Learning something every day.
Bodo Walter
Panagiotis Says: Hi guys

I ve been away for sometime but now that I m back I ve seen what a great job you have done for us. I haven't earned much yet but I am sure I will.

Greetings from Greece
kafil uddin Says: Dear friends
I am a regular member of this site and I enjoy it. I think it has been growing day by day adding new sites.
To earn online its a good program.
Wish the best of success.
Bodo Says: Hello to readers of this Testimonial.
I have been a member in Paradoxcash for a little over 24 hours and must say I am impressed. Yes, it will take time for new members to learn to negotiate everything available to to user. Well it will be well worth it. Thank You to the Owners Bodo Walter
Ben Says: Hi Nigel & Angelina,

You are really do GREAT JOBS.
Since I joined you I have seen a lot of improvements regards this program, which means you are working hard to make this site doing good business.

So I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a member of this program for many reasons:
You are honest persons.
Always looking for good things to make this site profitable for ALL.
Always in touch with your members.
You are giving to much for money.
You are giving many alternative websites.

May God Bless You
I believe it will grow bigger and bigger.
Thanks Paradoxcash
Mira Says: Congratulation for Banner Creator.Is amazing! I made in 3 min my banner. Simple: GREAT!
Nur Wijaya Says: Hi Nigel & Angelina,

You are really do GREAT JOBS.
I am very happy with the performance of Paradox Cash ( our site ).
I will always support you.

Nur Wijaya
Angel Says: Hi Nigel and Angelina

I, want to thank you'll for making a
believer out of me, this program is the
Best online, bar none, everything is free...
and people should jump on this, NOW...

Tkz, Angel
kafil uddin Says: Nigel and Angelina
Thanks a lot for making such an exciting programme. I think it has been growing more and more. Web hosting and list making sites are very attractive . The announcement of payment gateway infact makes me gay.
Wish all success.
Ginger Says: To all Paradoxcash members and our great admins - Have a safe and Happy New Year - 2015.
For those who are already in the new year, see you when we get there in approximately 10 hrs.
David Says: Though it took me sometime to realise it, but the marketing tools and the opportunities made available here at Paradox by Nigel and Angelina are fantastic and I will be looking to use more of them as we approach the new year in 2015.
todd Says: Can I just wish everyone on Paradoxcash the best New Year ever, this is a great program and by recruiting new members I have made my money back many times.
Keep up the great work Nigel and Angelina and can not wait to see what you bring out in 2015
Angel Says: ParaDox, is Trending, nuff said!
Lavern Says: Thanks you guy I have been a member over a year now. I'm just finally catching on and love every bit of it. I'm moving up. thank you Nigel and Angelina.
Donald Says: Dear Nigel & Angelina, Thanks for all you do for everybody. I for one appreciate all your doing & look forward to being part of Paradox Cash now & in the Future. Take care & God Bless. Don
Allen Says: Things are getting better and better for us!
Yvonne Says: Nigel and Angelina,
Thanks for Paradoxcash and all the effort you pit into ensuring that it is accessible to anyone who wants to build a sustainable online income.
At times it seems to be going slower than proposed, but you always keep us informed and that is so reassuring to us as members.
I wish you much success and I am happy to be a part of it.
Yvonne Finn
Lekhraj Says: I work online for 4 years, but feel lucky to register as paid member in paradoxcash.com.
Getting better every day! All the best to Admin His team and all members. bhardwajlh
Douglas Says: Getting better every day! I cant't wait to see whats's coming next.
Walter Says: When It Comes 2 Advertising U Guys Are Tops In My Book Need Advertising Come Here And The Site Has So Much M O R E......If Your Not A Member U Should Be..
Johnathan Says: As a founder member and having to only pay the $4 lifetime fee, all I can say is that I am very impressed with everything I have access to. Even more so as there is more being added all the time. For me the autoresponder is a godsend, that along with the url rotator and capture pages have made my initial outlay worth it. Thank you very much ParadoxCash, keep up the good work.
roy Says: money success 24/7 lets share paradox network it is a wonderful business system from game to cash always something new exciting .
Sharon Says: Thank you Nigel and Angelina
I am seeing some profits coming in.
Finally a honest online Business.
Thanks for sharing your dream and profits
with others like myself.
May God Bless You
Make a Wonderful Day
Sharon Weaver
venkatesh Says: I like paradox cash the first day and now i joined paradox traffic too I love the Activity points .
Sanjay Says: thia ia great website indeed so fas i have seen inmy life

mo. 8928087903
Rae Says: great stuff here at Paradox. i keep coming back fer more!
Ruth Says: Paradox is the best. Total profit. Love the profit sharing. Thanks Paradoxcash
Laverne Says: I'm glad I Join this amazing program they say what they promise and payments on time this is so easy a baby can do it.
roy Says: This business has all the great feature as promised ,money long term ,paradox thought about every thing great minds think alike is real here.
Cheryl Says: This is just the most awesome program to be in. You will not believe the value you get for your $10 sign-up. Seeing is believing. Nigel and Angelina have made good on every promise that they have made.
Watch Paradox closely, I believe it is still going to grow beyond Nigel and Angelina's wildest expectations.
jesus Says: Hola amigos mios paradoxcash es una nueva esperanza para los que tenemos tiempo buscando una oportunidad de negocios en internet, solo lo encuentra en este sitio. tosos las herramientas para crear tu imperio en internet. que en otro sitio te cuesta un dineral,pero gracias a sus creadores que pensaron muy bien en ayudar a los emprendedores, y ya somos mas de 11 mil miembros que tenemos eses previlegio de tener todas las herramientas de negocios en paradoxcasg. gracias.
K.C. Says: I'm Very Excited about the ParaDoxCash "url rotator" so far...

Now, visitors to my InfinityCashIncome.com domain name are randomly offered up to 20 Extra Income, Money Making, and Time Saving Affiliate Opportunities.

I like how simple and easy it is to test the system too... I can just refresh the page and a new offer will seamlessly appear.

Rotating All Of My Offers Is Just Too Cool & It Saves A Lot Of Advertising Effort Too.
It's Really Awesome! :)

Thank You Guys,
Wallace Says: the new Auto-Responder and especially those squeeze pages are awesome already got 3 subscribers in less than a day
Arnaldo Says: Paradoxcash is an awsome site with so much to offer all in one area. And for the monthly price of ten dollars a month is truly incredible.For most of us know,this site alone with all that it offers is worth more then a $100 a month.Paradoxcash is worth to promote...
Madhusudan Says: I became a founder member by paying %4 and I am pretty sure my membership with PDC will be fruitful in the long run.

Thanks Nigel and Angelina for this wonderful site.
Ray Says: I just finished setting up the Traffic Stats program for all Traffic Exchanges that I run. Right away I am already seeing results thank you Paradox Cash for providing these excellent tools.
Lennie Says: Paradox Traffic is off to a GREAT start looking forward to the rest getting started we are going to make a bunch of money good luck to everyone!!!
Wallace Says: appreciate the owners and Paradox Traffic is a nice site as well ParadoxCash i know this is gonna earn us some money Thanks nigel
Says: i really like this paradoxcash.com its really wounderful full of fun to be bere hope to get some referal some one please help me to get some referal here my id is http://paradoxcash.com/?cash=31005
andrew@xlri.ac.in my email
Lovetra Says: Hey guys, Get your chins up. Server problems are notorious on Launch Day. Angelina and Nigel have not disapointed me yet and I have been around in this program for two years.

The site does work fine so far and it is definately too soon for nay-sayers!

The best thing you can do is join the Forum, loggin a couple or three times or more per day,build the Alexa Rating and help out the site as well as your pocket book by keeping your chin up.

You have very little to loose here and lots to gain by putting in a little effort to help out the cause.

Donna Says: Joined as a founder member and made my money back within a couple days. It's a great site and I can't wait to see what happens next. :)
Eric Says: was cheap to join as a founder. If the site is truly honest, there is a lot of potential earnings to be made. Even $10/month could be very cheap for what can be earned. The proof is in the pudding and I'm waiting for my taste
Charles Says: This Friendly family site is showing its full potential and still growing at a fantastic rate. very Friendly site with a lot of Promise.share opinions in the forum with fellow members. A great site to be In.
roger Says: Hi this is Roger from Belgium Paradox is not the Best Paradox is BETTER than the Best
Jenni Says: Thank you Nigel & Angelina for creating Paradoxcash! I have never seen so many applications in one program. I count myself Blessed to be a Paid Founder Member, and that for 4$. This is everything anyone could ever want or need! Kudos to you!!
keith Says: This is the best exposure for very very little money to promote your business and building a Client list
Says: If been online for a few years now and never in my life have I seen so much value for so little money in one program. I am very proud to be associated with PDC and all its members. It’s an honor to be a founder-member of this amazing gem of a system system. Lukas Welmans
Wladimir Says: Регистрируйтесь и начинайте зарабатывать.
Carlos Says: It is real too soon for me to accept this as told by Nigel and Angelina. But there are times that I allow myself to believe someone and as far as the website still open and I have not heard of any bad news about them as owners nor about Paradoxcash as a program, I pray that this becomes a reality as I am hurting for an income that as a retired person can not survive on my present retirement check. Thank you both and God bless. I am doing my part in advertising and hoping to get some referrals.
kenneth Says: I can't beleive i got a founders position for 4 dollars life time membership. This still don't seem real to me but every time i log on it's still there so it must be real. and then we are told we will have 10 sites very soon that will also be ours as a founders position with 50% profit sharing. They are almost paying us to be a member here. WoW, how are you guys doing all this Nigel and Angelina? You are starting to make me feel like I am taking advantage of you guys.
Andrew Says: Hello To Every Member in ParodoxCash.Do you know how Blessed we are to be a park of this great money making opportunity. The God for people with a Vision. I am a pastor of a Church and have been looking for a way to bring revenue to my people so that i can build them a nice place to worship and call home! I believe that this is the one. Please don't miss this one in a life time opportunity. Join Now! http://paradoxcash.com/?cash=29908
santosh Says: The easiest plan to understand ever i find on net. Its very easy to understand. If we all work together it will be a top 10 website on alexa soon..
Best of luck to admin and all founder member.
Gaetano Says: Ho sempre creduto in Paradox fin da quando sono entrato inizio 2012, anche se gli altri lo snobbavano.
Adesso č arrivato il momento tanto atteso.
Grazie Nigel e Angelina!!!!!!
Mercutio Says: A classic example of the old adage: "Your reach should be higher than your grasp" Kudos to Nigel and Angela for their achievement so far (which I know is not a small task)and the Global Vision for 2014 that has indeed impressed me and will take the virtual world by storm! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the 'legacy' that is Paradoxcash and the 'inheritance' that is a benefit to thousands of your well wishers globally.
Wishing you, the team and founder members, well wishers and friends much success.
Mercutio Peters
Says: I had been looking for a new hosting site to expand a new business. Now that I see we are going to have our own hosting on paradox cash I simply can not wait till the 31st of Jan.
Mercutio Says: Its a privilege to be associated and signed up with Paradoxcash. For those with vision, this is the place to be! for those with sight there are plenty of sites on the net. To those who put people before profits this is it! for those who prefer profits 'Go Cor(ru)porate'. Hi Nigel & Angela thanks for Paradox.
albert Says: I would like to thank Nigel & Angela for bringing ParaDox Cash to the internet. This program
is the easiest that I found to understand how to work and to make a income. You see I am a
dinosaur on the internet and it feals so good knowing that I can work this program. Thanks agin
Nigel & Angela for ParaDox Cash.
albert Says: I Joined ParaDox Cash two years ago when a frend told me about it.It was only $2.00 at that time, I like it more now then when I got in. Back then i did nothing I did not see the potential In joining ParaDox Cash I did not see how I was even going to make money with this program.
Because I didn't take the time to really look it over. So don't make the same mistakes I did
I like to help people to get in when they pay the $4. to get in I give them $2. back because I know I will get $2.00 back for every paid referral you sign up. You See when you help some
one it will come back to you pressed down shaken together and running over.
Steve Says: Profit Sharing is the new Network Marketing norm. If you're not offering it, forget about keeping members loyal. Paradox Cash offers profit sharing plus so much more. I wish this program all the future success!
Lou Says: Being a new member, ParaDox Cash seems to be making headlines and interest around the globe. Once it launches it will be huge! Glad I joined when I did!
Nick Says: I just joined a couple days ago and Paradox Cash just gets better and better!

Thanks Nigel and Angelina.

Betty Says: ParadoxCahs is an awesome opportunity to create wealth; it is simple and efective. I'm so prod to be part of ParadoxCash. Thanks Nigel and Angelina.

Betty Villegas
Betty Says: Well well...ParadoxCash is awesome! Just for $4.00?
even if it would be for $100.00, $200.00... For all that is involved in ParadoxCash... All we can get now in the present, a brilliant Future, for us for our families, friends... You name it!! Just Great!!
I am so prod to be part of this awesome opportunity!

Betty Villegas
From New York
Shirley Says: I have joined Paradox Cash about over a year ago.
I think this is going to be huge! The owners are honest and hardworking people and I really believe in this site. I cannot wait for Launch on 31st January 2014. Countdown has started!!!
Florence Elliott Says: I joined Paradoxcash early and have been very impressed with the service and patience of the owners, they are so very helpful.
Do yourself a favor a join right now This is going to be a Gigantic Success!!
Flo Elliott
Yunana A. Says: I am pleased that i am part of this great Paradoxcash.Don`t wait! Join now and grab yours.
EDWARD Says: It is very easy.... just like taking the dog out for a walk.
Roelof Says: This is the way to go....ParadoxCash. Make your dreams come true with a one time payment of $4. You will never regret it. I've got 13 friends in my 1st level and 1 in my 2nd level and I am still advertising. So, keep it up my friends, this is going to be HUGE!!
Sayed Salim Says: I am really excited to receive my first income of $20 from ParadoxCash to my PayPal account. Many many thanks Mr. Nigel and Angelina. You are great. God Bless You. ParadoxCash is truly amazing internet business opportunity.
Raoul Says: I just got on board but I have this feeling that this is going to go through the roof and I am so glad that I took the time to check out this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Thank you so much, Nigel & Angeline!

Sayed Salim Says: Myself joined ParadoxCash internet income opportunity on Nov 29,2013 and immediately started promoting this fantastic income plan. Now I have 16 members in my Level 1 and one member in my Level 2. Six members have paid $4 and myself received $12. I am regretting now why I did not join ParadoxCash 3 years ago. I am very much grateful to Mr. Nigel and Angelina Swain for giving us this wonderful income opportunity. God Bless You. Please join by visiting my website link : http://paradoxcash.com/?cash=28297
Franklin Says: This is going to be HUGE!! I can feel it. Looking forward to this. For only $4? Amazing!!
nicholas Says: I got my money back in no time at all when just one of the many banners that I placed in rotation received clicks and sales.

As far as I am concerned for a ONE TIME $4 this advertising site is a complete no brainer and ANYONE who doesn't join as a PAID member cannot be SERIOUS about making an online income.
william Says: Just got onboard paradoxcash yesterday 2 December 2013 and familiarising myself as a paid member with the website. From what i am reading on the testimonial page we have a lot of excited people here now just waiting for the launch to take place hopefully this December still- so unpaid guys get in while we still have the $4 one-time option - you are going to regret it by coming in later to pay $15 a month
Ted Says: I am so thankful for the Paradoxcash opportunity! This is a really cool site. Looking forward to the 10,000 members launch. great job, keep up the good work, David Rains
Ricky Says: What are you waiting for !! Join now before
10,000 paid members , Its going fast, so don:t
get left behind.

Bohdan Says: Work at home through http://paradoxcash.com/?cash=28139 for $ 4 you can provide a lifetime.
Ada Says: Hi Friends. I really like Paradoxcash. This is really exciting! You get free advertisement for only $4.00 for life which is amazing. pay it forward for someone else is a great way to to help others join you as you still earn $2.00 each. They pay like clockwork too. Great tools and great opportunity. Thanks guys for creating this opportunity, paradox cash. Ada Rains
Says: I am extremely pleased with ParadoxCash's creativity, quality, service and pricing. I would recommend them to any small business owner looking for results. They've brought energy and insight to my business.
Ewart Says: First i want to give thanks to the father and then to Angela and Nigel for.
This website called Paradox cash is a wonderfull and
very exciting and great for my business keep the good work up
Jonathan Says: O.M.G Only a cost of $4 will create an income for life. Better get on it at http://www.paradoxcash.com/?cash=25792
Jeff Says: Thank you Angelina and Nigel for this great opportunity, Paradoxcash is Awesome!!!
Really This site ROCKS!!!
Keep it up - great site.
To you Success,
Says: I have been a member of Paradox cash since 2012 and look forward to the launch, I have been advertising in every area I can advertise, traffic exchanges, my personal website and some of my affiliate sites I can advertise on, I like the banner advertising of the program.
Sheila Says: Sheila
Don't miss this boat! Just $4.00.
Smooth sailing everyone.
Fanica Says: Hi, I am Fanica from Romania and are excited that we're in this wonderful business. I joined ParadoxCash about 2 years I did not pay much chance of this business, I increased my teams now, I'm really sorry, because as time passed, I saw that big loss for me meant . I say this because I am convinced that ParadoxCash offers everything (so many tools, modern) for the lowest price possible. All respect for Nigel and Angelina, all due respect to those who have seen, better than me, ParadoxCash business potential and are happy that I am a member of it.
PerryJ Says: I joined Paradox Casn yesterday October 26 around 2pm. I had almost given up on Internet Marketing. But, I was surfing the web and came across a link promoting a $4 sign-up for life time. I followed the link and looked the program over. I am very glad for this program. I will be putting most of my resources into promoting it.

This program is going to be reall great in the future!
Fatiraj.C Says: A very Friendly site with a lot of Promise. This Friendly family should grow to its maximum strength.Then it will be home for real Fun and Happiness. Earn, spend time in the games,share opinions with fellow members.A great site to be In.
Walter Says: This Is A Fun Place To Be And You Can Earn Here
Support Is The Greatest And The Members Here
Are Also Great So Get In Early Before ts
Too Late You Been Warned
PETER Says: I have used many websites in the past, and by far Paradox Cash offer much more for a fraction of the cost. And to think you get back what you pay to join with just a couple of referrals it's mony well spent.
Dennis Says: I have been a member for just two months
and I already have 12 new ParadoxCash Associates.
People see the opportunity here and want to sign up.

I have noticed that the founders are very responsive
to the questions and concerns, this makes it a lot
easier and fun to be in a successful online Company
like ParadoxCash. My New Internet Family!

Marius Says: This opportunity has endless potential. You will get unlimited advertising for your websites , affiliate offers, CPA offers etc. It makes perfect sense to become a founder member for a measly once-off $4. So are you gonna be kicking yourself for not joining, when the rest of us earn much needed cash? Don't be filled with regret when this beast launches. Join today!

Marius Vosloo
Russ Says: ParadoxCash is an Awesome opportunity to make some real cash and folks you really do not want to miss on this ! http://paradoxcash.com/?cash=4043
OLOKE Says: GREAT PLATFORM,GREAT PEOPLE THAT IS PARADOXCASH.COM for you I joined with only $2 now 4$ if you linger, you will join with 15$ thus saith the paradox team after we launch at 10,000 paid members.
Says: I just signed up yesterday & I am very impressed with all Paradox Cash has to offer. I've read many of the testimonials and was so pleased with all the positive remarks. I will be working very hard to promote this site. Emma
HO YUN FATT Says: I think this is honest site and admin on the Internet. I am confirmed stay in this ship. Thanks Nigel and Angelina
JeanClaude Says: Considering all the activities on the net,paradoxcash is one of the best. Nothing to lose. Just get on board before it's too late!
Karel Says: I have to say that I did a stupid thing,when I in 2012 at the very beginning when ParadoxCash appeared on the internet did not continue watching it and team building.Today I was shocked how could help me in my the Network for such loss year,you will not find a better opportunity how to start.The admins congratulation for their excellent work.
Bohumil Says: The only honest site and admin on the Internet. Thanks Nigel and Angelina
Roslyn Says: I've dug myself out of the poverty pit going on 5 years now, I'm financially free & don't need to do anything else to make money...I seek to help others now. A close friend, who understood my desire to help others, sent me the link to Paradox, I read it over & "caught the VISION" of what Nigel & Angela are attempting to bring back to internet marketing--INTEGRITY,IMMEDIATE COMMISSIONS, SHARING PROFITS,EASY OF USE, AND ACCESS TO UNLIMITED BUDGET-GAUGING MARKETING TOOLS THAT "LEVEL-THE-PLAYING FIELD" SO THAT THE AVERAGE income seeker/affiliate marketer/entrepreneur CAN ACTUALLY SEE AN IMMEDIATE PROFIT & CUT UNNECESSARY OPERATING/MANAGING/PROMOTING EXPENSES!" Which solves a HUGE problem in internet marketing!
I've been a loyal mmbr of Paradox since the original $2 stage & promoting them on all my sites, products & services, etc all over the internet! (btw,if you are wondering--100% of my PDC commissions go to charity :-D). And they have grown by leaps & bounds, since then--I can't wait to see what's next...
So whether you are a "NEWBIE" or "PRO" Paradox provides MOST OF THE NECESSARY TOOLS YOU WILL NEED TO FURTHER YOUR ENDEAVORS!!! BRAVO, PARADOX, BRAVO! I'm a fan & loyal member for life!
Valentina Says: Всем привет! Я возлагаю большие надежды на наш проект. Всем желаю удвчи
Paula Says: I joined in the very beginning for 2 bucks and than forgot all about it. i recently stumbled over it again and finally took the time to explore. And I am glad I did. Although building an income at this point is still in a distant future, I love the program because of the unlimited advertising and features such as the autoresponder.
sara Says: sara everybody is great here you cannot do any better
Says: Hi All,
I want to tell you I think everyone working on this site must be VERY DEDICATED. I thank all of you for you hard work. It can't be easy keeping the 2 working PERFECTLY. I use the forum mostly to send my promotions, and not once have I had any trouble with either sending friends request or the chat boards or any of it. Just so you know there are still some people who know that SOMEBODY'S GOTTA DO THE WORK. Thanks again
Aaron Says: I joined in the beginning when it was still $2 and I watched this website grow exponentially!! You guys have done a lot of hard work and have quieted my doubts about the site. Thanks for all you do, keep up the great work....looking forward to the final stages!
Andre Says: you have done a great job with these website.
and i hope that others recognize this to.
and made money for the rest there lives.
Cheryl Says: This site is amazing and very user friendly! A MUST join! If not, I will be telling you: "Don't Cry over spilled milk"
Randall Says: For $4.00 this is an amazing site. I just love it.
Pay the upgrade and you'll be glad you did to get full use of the site's offerings.
Thierno Aliou Says: Hello; i am in west Africa and had no work but Paradoxcash give me an hope again to make a better future,

hurry on and sign in for just $4
Randall Says: Hello, I just joined and am working to get all the sits joined that I need to do to make this a success. I really hope that this will be one of my first successes.
Dick Says: Nigel and Angelina Swain:

Every time I log in to this site, I am amazed.
You two have done an amazing job here.
When I log in, I can really see that you are interested
in us, as members, not just lining the pockets with cash.
(It shows throughout the site.)
That in itself is worth joining for.
I operate 4 Safelists and an Internet Marketing Newspaper.
Your banners will FLY on all of them.
I can't imagine someone not wanting to spend $4.00.
I have never seen a site offer so much for so little.
If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.
My hat goes off to you!!
Dick Bishop (eagleone)
Says: hi,folks.i have been a member of paradoxcash for a few months now,and i can honest say this is the best program i have ever join.no more scams,thanks to the owners.goldenjoyner.
Will Says: 6-19-13 This site continues to impress me with the quality of products and service! If you own a website, these web tools are amazing.
Thank You; Nigel !!!!!!!!!
Evan Says: Glad to have joined Paradoxcash! I like what I see so far (day one here) and am impressed with the alexa stats and future prospects. Plus it is great to be able to post ads and affiliate links on the site.

I see great things in the future thanks to the owners and anticipate even more fantastic features that should make this rev share website the best of the best as we move forward.

Will Says: Day one; I am really impressed with all that "Paradox Cash. Com is providing. I have set up a page of the many links available including the private Shortener. Wow, lifetime! I am really looking forward to this adventure with you folks!
Thank You--"Oldfox"
Says: HOLD-ON to your seat folks, this system is going to BLOW YOUR MIND! Don't LOOSE-OUT on this LIFE-TIME 2013 OPPORTUNITY! http://weurls.com/cash4you Join TODAY. You will be VERY HAPPY you did!
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